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Business Challenges:

  • Managing enterprise recruitment is an important business module due to the number of processes involved in these operations along with the output expected from each one.
  • Interface between Career portal and SAP HCM Recruitment.
  • Two-level approvals required for both OM and PA data change
  • Interface between Time Recording Terminal and SAP Time Management
  • Complexities in maintaining records and personal data’s manually
  • No standard time evaluation process to explicitly evaluate employee working time
  • Complexities in maintaining multiple approvals for Performance Management and goal setting
  • No standard process available to request and claim Travel Expenses
  • Employees can Create Leave Request for any absence or notify their superior. The leave request is submitted to the employee’s superior for approval. Employees can check the status of their request. For each of the steps of the workflow approval, a notification will be sent to the employee. The Leave Request notifications will be sent to managers’ workplace and/or MSS universal worklist.

Innoval Solutions

  • New Info-type created saving the different approval levels required for each employee. Once an employee creates a leave/Encashment/travel request, the program will get the approval hierarchy needed for this service request and compare against the values saved for this employee and proceed with the process. New maintenance screen needs to be created listing number of approval and approval type needed for each request.
  • When an employee creates Request of any type, system will validate against the approval it requires. Based on the records exists in Request Type Approval table, it will reads the different approval levels with types, and check against the employee’s Approval Hierarchy Infotype, and send the notification to the responsible manager
  • Central screen at ESS/MSS of approval had been created with access given to all Managers to be able to select employee’s request, and approve or reject.
  • Easily track and manage applications received for different job postings with the applicant tracking system.
  • Efficiently record and manage employee working time with standard time evaluation
  • Employee creates a travel expense claim request using the ESS custom application. The Travel expense claim upon employees’ request through ESS, if approved by the HOD and then will be verified by the Accounts department for the appropriate Support documents and if it is found correct then the claim is settled through SAP FI Transaction against the concerned employee vendor and payment will be made accordingly through bank transfer

Business Benefits

  • With SAP HR the entire process is automated, leading to a reduces workload for individual employees
  • It enables one to maintain a better track of everything
  • A business can have a clear picture of its entire workforce. Based on that they can drive workforce planning
  • It stores the complete employee related data in a structured way and automatically checks the integrity of data.
  • Achieve corporate goals by monitoring workforce progress toward broader objectives.
  • Retain the potential talent by the way to Link employee performance to compensation program.
  • By enabling ESS and MSS employees/managers to access their own data, HR processes are standardized and simplified. As a result, employees in the Human Resources Department can concentrate on other tasks of greater strategic importance.