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An integrated solution for inbound invoice automation helps in scanning, authentication and onward processing with the SAP ERP.

Fast – Error Free – Efficient Automation For Vendor E-invoices

  • E-invoicing is a new reform that entails the generation of invoices in an electronic format, which facilitates machine readability across ERP, accounting & tax systems, and government portal. The government has mandated the applicability of e-invoicing to businesses for the majority of the business categories. The invoice becomes legal only once it receives the IRN and QR code from Government.
  • Opti-VIVe app automates the processing of inbound e-invoices from the vendor and does necessary parking in SAP for further approval and payment processing without any data entryOptiE-Invoice allows the generation of E-Invoice, transmit to Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) via authorized” GSP and receive a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), digitally signed E-Invoice and QR code.

Verification & Processing of Inbound Vendor E-invoices

    • The mobile app automates processing of large number of e-Invoices received from vendors.
    • Mobile App helps buyers to scan the QR Code (B2B or B2C) from the printed invoice received from the vendor to check the legality and authentication of the invoice document.
    • The App allows download of successful & verified signed e-invoice from GSTN portal and park the digitally signed invoice details for further processing in SAP.


  • 100% automation from Receipt of e-Invoice JSON file (with IRN, Signature, QR Code) from Vendor to Parking the Invoice Details at SAP
  • 100% automation for getting e-Invoice validated at the GSTN Portal
  • Save time and manpower — by instant PARKING of e-Invoice details at SAP ERP
  • Cloud based SaaS product — with low capital expense
  • Quick onboarding & implementation
  • Slab-based Monthly subscription – lower subscription charges for high volumes