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End-to-end GST Solution For Business Enterprises Using SAP ERP

IVL’s OptiGST is the ultimate solution to manage all aspects of Goods & Services Tax Management – from e-filing GST returns to reconciliation of vendor and customer invoices. The solution is a SAP Certified Add-on that shares the same environment as that of SAP ERP. This makes it easy to implement downstream functionality with minimal implementation/ customization effort.
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OptiSuite 10x SAP certifiedSAP Netweaver Certified ProductSAP SAP S/4HANA Certified

Our customers are able to achieve faster and more efficient documentation and
compliance with the help of OptiSuite range of products

The solution has been developed in IVL’s registered namespace and can therefore be installed and configured without any adverse impact on SAP and other custom-objects in the client’s SAP landscape.


This software is designed to assist businesses with their GST (Goods and Services Tax) compliance by providing features such as preparation of GST returns, tracking and registering GST-related data, reconciliation of GST transactions, and integration with GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) for electronic filing of GST returns.
IVL has more than two decades of experience in designing SAP Certified Add-ons (Opti range of products). OptiExim handles the scenarios based on current Foreign Trade policy/ regulations. The solution architecture uses native SAP transactions, SAP Enterprise portal & SAPUI5/Fiori applications. OptiExim can be easily integrated with external applications, government portals using APIs

OptiGST Highlights

  • Best practices adopted and pre-configured based on industry feedback
  • Self-Service Tools for trouble-shooting
  • Do end-to-end GST activities from within SAP ERP (incl. vendor email)
  • Flexible architecture – integrates with E-Invoice, EWB & G/L
  • Information security
  • Configurable identifiers for mapping SAP identifiers into GSTN parameters

Major Challenges faced by your business

  • Data mismatch
  • Within Value tolerance
  • Invoice number difference – special characters
  • Invoice number – Prefix/suffix & Financial year string
  • Invoice Date difference
  • Vendor Invoice under a different GST Registration
  • Vendor master having incorrect GSTIN number
  • Significant value differences

OptiGST Advantages

Capability and track record

IVL has an integrated ASP solution and is successfully deployed at large number of enterprise customers and being supported under AMC, with periodic support packs addressing changes introduced by GSTN from time to time.

Cost-effective solution

OptiGST seamlessly integrated with SAP ERP eliminating the need for a separate ASP ecosystem. Thereis no need for
additional resources (hardware, manpower) or data movement in file form. The cost of the solution does not increase based on future increase in business volume.

Information security

OptiGST is installed in the same instance as the SAP ERP (on-premise / cloud as the case may be) incorporating encoding and encryption of SAP ERP instance.


Integration with SAP ERP and GSTN

• Automated data extractions from SAP based on configurable identifiers
• Verification & validation controls for authorized users
• Bi-directional data transfer with GSTN initiated from the SAP instance


OptiSuite 10x is
certified for deployment on
SAP S/4HANA 2020

A comprehensive Add-on Solution for SAP for meeting various statutory needs in Indirect Taxation, International Trade, Invoicing and more for Indian Enterprises.


Key Features

  • Connector.

    GST Returns

    . GSTR 1 . GSTR 2A . GSTR 3B
    . GSTR 6 . GSTR 9
    . ANX-1 . ANX-2 . RET-01

  • Connector.

    API Based Integration

    Save to GSTN
    Fetch from GSTN
    Filing of Return

  • Connector.

    Vendor Reconciliation

    Based on GSTR2A and ANX-2
    Flexible Reconciliation criteria
    Automated Matching
    Manual Pairing for mismatches
    Email to vendors
    Identifies Defaulting Vendors

  • Connector.

    Input Service Distribution

    Distribution of Invoice / Credit Note
    ISD Reversals
    ISD Challan Print

  • Connector.

    Refund Form

    Exporting customers
    Deemed Export
    Accumulated ITC Refund
    GST RFD-01 - claims with centre &state
    Annexure 1 Details of Goods

OptiGST Solution has value added features which complement the overall solution.

  • Connector.

    Data Consolidation

    Suitable for Multi Instance ERP Customers
    Consolidates Data from Multiple ERPs before Filing

  • Connector.

    Report Extension

    Reconciliation Features with G/L
    Accounts in FI Module

  • Connector.

    Edit Feature

    Utility to Edit GST Returns Data

  • Connector.

    Dashboards & Analytics

    Compliance dashboard
    Exceptions dashboard
    Reconciliation dashboard
    MIS Reports - Sales Register
    MIS Reports - Purchase Register

  • Connector.


    Cash Ledger
    ITC Ledger
    Liability Ledger

  • Connector.


    Self Service Tools
    Search Taxpayer
    Get the Return filing Status

  • Connector.


    Configurable Identifiers
    Technical Configurations
    API Configurations


  • Helps in GST Returns Preparation
  • Registers for Tracking GST Relevant Data
  • Reconciliation Features
  • GSP Integration for E-filing

Base Scope Highlights

GST Returns

  • GSTR1    – Outward Supplies Made by Taxpayer
  • GSTR3B   – Consolidated Monthly Report
  • Inward Supplies Received by a Taxpayer
  • GSTR6   – Return for Input Service Distributor
  • GSTR2A – Details of vendor Invoices from GSTN portal
  • GSTR9 – Annual Return
  • Ledgers – Cash/ ITC/ Liability Ledgers
  • Search Tax Payer – Fetch details of GSTN no from GSTN portal
  • Return Status – Utility for verifying compliance-status


  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Stock Transfer
  • FI Register

ISD (Input Service Distributor)

  • Distribution of Input Service Credit
  • ISD Challan Creation, Maintain & Display

Vendor Reconciliation – Reconciliation of Vendor Invoices (GSTR 2A) with Purchase Register

Roadmap Items

  • Simplified Returns
    • ANX-1
    • ANX-2
    • RET-01A
    • RET-01
  • GSTR7 – Return for Tax Deducted at Source
  • Refund Form – RFD-01
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language processing for GST insights
  • Analytics / Dash Board–Change
  • Alerts

Process Flow

Outward Supply Process Flow
GST Outward Supply  Process Flow
Inward Supply Process Flow
GST Inward Supply Process Flow

Seamless Integration Across SAP Processes

OptiGST is an add-on product which is deployed on the same server as that of SAP ERP.

OptiGST has a loosely coupled architecture that provides customers with 3 deployment options as per their landscape.

REGULAR Deployment – Suitable for Single Instance SAP ERP Customers.

EMBEDDED Deployment – Suitable for customers having multiple Instance SAP & Non-SAP ERP Environment with one of the SAP ERP instance acting as a HUB.

HUB Deployment – Suitable for customers having huge volumes of data, multiple Instance SAP & Non-SAP ERP Environment with a standalone NetWeaver (with ECC) system acting as a HUB.


  • On-Premise, SAP Add-On
  • No Additional Hardware, No Cloud Subscription, No Technology Upgrade
  • No Additional Cost for DB Administration
  • No Conflict with SAP or Custom Objects (Separate Namespace)
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Extensive Configuration Options, Easy to Maintain
  • Possible to Handle Combined GST Returns Filing – Covering Multiple SAP/ERP Instances if such Consolidation is Needed (Single GSTN Regn.)
  • Can Adapt to Multiple GSPs Who are Conforming to GSTN Guidelines
  • Handles GSTN Data-size Restrictions in Terms of Volume of Data per Cycle
  • Pre-configured & Pre-validated for Some of the GSPs
  • Accelerator to Save Implementation Time
  • Best Practices on Custom-Enhancements
  • Facilitates Smooth Upgrades and Management of Customizations
  • Security
  • Authorization
  • Data Encryption, Encoding
  • Possible to Do End-to-end GST Activities from within SAP ERP
  • No need for Interfaces / Download / Upload (For Single Instance Model)
  • Automated Data Extraction Based on Configurable Parameters (Background Jobs)
  • In-completion Logs after Extraction
  • Manual Controls / Verification in SAP before Filing Returns
  • Access to GSTN from SAP ERP Itself (GSP Integration)
  • Secure GSTN login Credentials/Sessions Using OTP
  • SAVE, SUBMIT and FILE GSTR1 Returns in GST Network  (FILE Requires Digital Signature)
  • Fetch GSTR Data from GST Network
  • Quick in Processing of GST Returns from SAP into GSTN
  • Reconciliation
  • ISD, Refunds
  • No Need to Log in to Any Other System or Portal
  • Configurable Identifiers for Mapping SAP Identifiers into GSTN Parameters
  • Customer Tax Classification, Material Tax Indicator, Document Types, Tax Codes, ISD ratios
  • State Code, Unit of Measure, Reason for Debit/Credit Note
  • Compliance Status Dashboard/Report
  • Internal Audit Report Comparing GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 with G/L
  • Training
  • User Manuals & Configuration Guide
  • Self-Service Tools for Trouble-shooting
  • Dedicated Product Team to Handle Statutory Changes, if any, by GSTN / Govt.
  • Proven Support Model Under AMC

Value Added Features

OptiGST Solution has value added features which are packaged separately and which complement the overall solution.

Data Consolidation

  • Suitable for Multi Instance ERP Customers
  • Consolidates Data from Multiple ERPs before Filing

Vendor Reconciliation

  • Required for GSTR2 Filing
  • Generates Lists of Mismatch Invoices
  • Identifies Defaulting Vendors

Report Extension

  • Reconciliation Features with G/L Accounts in FI Module

Edit Feature

  • Utility to Edit GST Returns Data

Interactive demo

OptiGST : Complete Product Walkthrough