GST Solution

For Business Enterprises

End-to-end GST Solution For Business Enterprises Using SAP ERP

IVL’s OptiGST is the ultimate solution to manage all aspects of Goods & Services Tax Management – from e-filing GST returns to reconciliation of vendor and customer invoices. The solution is a SAP Certified Add-on that shares the same environment as that of SAP ERP. This makes it easy to implement downstream functionality with minimal implementation/ customization effort.

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  • Helps in GST Returns Preparation
  • Registers for Tracking GST Relevant Data
  • Reconciliation Features
  • GSP Integration for E-filing

Base Scope Highlights

GST Returns

  • GSTR1    – Outward Supplies Made by Taxpayer
  • GSTR3B   – Consolidated Monthly Report
  • Inward Supplies Received by a Taxpayer
  • GSTR6   – Return for Input Service Distributor
  • GSTR2A – Details of vendor Invoices from GSTN portal
  • GSTR9 – Annual Return
  • Ledgers – Cash/ ITC/ Liability Ledgers
  • Search Tax Payer – Fetch details of GSTN no from GSTN portal
  • Return Status – Utility for verifying compliance-status


  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Stock Transfer
  • FI Register

ISD (Input Service Distributor)

  • Distribution of Input Service Credit
  • ISD Challan Creation, Maintain & Display

Vendor Reconciliation – Reconciliation of Vendor Invoices (GSTR 2A) with Purchase Register

Roadmap Items

  • Simplified Returns
    • ANX-1
    • ANX-2
    • RET-01A
    • RET-01
  • GSTR7 – Return for Tax Deducted at Source
  • Refund Form – RFD-01
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language processing for GST insights
  • Analytics / Dash Board–Change
  • Alerts

Process Flow

Outward Supply Process Flow
GST Outward Supply  Process Flow
Inward Supply Process Flow
GST Inward Supply Process Flow

Seamless Integration Across SAP Processes

OptiGST is an add-on product which is deployed on the same server as that of SAP ERP.

OptiGST has a loosely coupled architecture that provides customers with 3 deployment options as per their landscape.

REGULAR Deployment – Suitable for Single Instance SAP ERP Customers.

EMBEDDED Deployment – Suitable for customers having multiple Instance SAP & Non-SAP ERP Environment with one of the SAP ERP instance acting as a HUB.

HUB Deployment – Suitable for customers having huge volumes of data, multiple Instance SAP & Non-SAP ERP Environment with a standalone NetWeaver (with ECC) system acting as a HUB.


  • On-Premise, SAP Add-On
  • No Additional Hardware, No Cloud Subscription, No Technology Upgrade
  • No Additional Cost for DB Administration
  • No Conflict with SAP or Custom Objects (Separate Namespace)
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Extensive Configuration Options, Easy to Maintain
  • Possible to Handle Combined GST Returns Filing – Covering Multiple SAP/ERP Instances if such Consolidation is Needed (Single GSTN Regn.)
  • Can Adapt to Multiple GSPs Who are Conforming to GSTN Guidelines
  • Handles GSTN Data-size Restrictions in Terms of Volume of Data per Cycle
  • Pre-configured & Pre-validated for Some of the GSPs
  • Accelerator to Save Implementation Time
  • Best Practices on Custom-Enhancements
  • Facilitates Smooth Upgrades and Management of Customizations
  • Security
  • Authorization
  • Data Encryption, Encoding
  • Possible to Do End-to-end GST Activities from within SAP ERP
  • No need for Interfaces / Download / Upload (For Single Instance Model)
  • Automated Data Extraction Based on Configurable Parameters (Background Jobs)
  • In-completion Logs after Extraction
  • Manual Controls / Verification in SAP before Filing Returns
  • Access to GSTN from SAP ERP Itself (GSP Integration)
  • Secure GSTN login Credentials/Sessions Using OTP
  • SAVE, SUBMIT and FILE GSTR1 Returns in GST Network  (FILE Requires Digital Signature)
  • Fetch GSTR Data from GST Network
  • Quick in Processing of GST Returns from SAP into GSTN
  • Reconciliation
  • ISD, Refunds
  • No Need to Log in to Any Other System or Portal
  • Configurable Identifiers for Mapping SAP Identifiers into GSTN Parameters
  • Customer Tax Classification, Material Tax Indicator, Document Types, Tax Codes, ISD ratios
  • State Code, Unit of Measure, Reason for Debit/Credit Note
  • Compliance Status Dashboard/Report
  • Internal Audit Report Comparing GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 with G/L
  • Training
  • User Manuals & Configuration Guide
  • Self-Service Tools for Trouble-shooting
  • Dedicated Product Team to Handle Statutory Changes, if any, by GSTN / Govt.
  • Proven Support Model Under AMC

Value Added Features

OptiGST Solution has value added features which are packaged separately and which complement the overall solution.

Data Consolidation

  • Suitable for Multi Instance ERP Customers
  • Consolidates Data from Multiple ERPs before Filing

Vendor Reconciliation

  • Required for GSTR2 Filing
  • Generates Lists of Mismatch Invoices
  • Identifies Defaulting Vendors

Report Extension

  • Reconciliation Features with G/L Accounts in FI Module

Edit Feature

  • Utility to Edit GST Returns Data

Interactive demo

OptiGST : Complete Product Walkthrough