SAP Basis and Security Services

Designed to ensure the optimal performance, availability, and compliance of the business critical SAP Systems on-premise or in the cloud.

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SAP Basis Services

IVL has more than two decades of experience in SAP consulting and support in providing day-to-day SAP. Basis support for several customers worldwide. Our certified SAP Basis & Security Consultants provide the state-of-the-art proactive monitoring and 24x7x365 support.

SAP Security Services

Innoval offers strategic SAP Security and GRC Services to audit and monitor threats to your SAP landscape, which helps you respond, and prevent attacks against your highly valuable and regulated data

Major Challenges faced by your business

  • Lack of expertise
  • Limited scalability
  • Difficulty with upgrades
  • Limited support
  • High maintenance cost
  • Limited customization

Basis Service Offerings

  • HW Sizing and Landscape designing
  • Installation and configuration of mySAP Business Suite Products like ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, SEM etc.
  • Installation and configuration of NetWeaver components like BW, EP, PI/PO etc.
  • System /Client copies
  • Solution Manger Installations and Configurations
  • SAP Router Installation & OSS Connectivity setup
  • Go-live Support
  • Perform Daily,Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly tasks.
  • Client administration
  • Background job scheduling
  • Transport management
  • Print and output management
  • Performance monitoring & Tuning
  • Users administration & Authorization control
  • Database Administration and Support
  • OSS Administration
  • Backup & Recovery
  • SPAM/SAINT Updates
  • Support Pack updates
  • Security updates
  • Kernel updates
  • 24×7 support
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Service request management
  • Service change management

GRC Services Offerings

Our team of certified SAP security professionals assist in building a robust security framework and ensure that your SAP system follows all the regulatory guidelines.
Our methodologies help you in handling segregation of duties to avoid fraud and operational interruptions.

  • Request Access
  • Identify Risk
  • Business Approval
  • Plan Risk
  • Identify Risk
  • Analyse Risk
  • Respond to Risk
  • Monitor Risk
  • Request access to production
  • Approve Request
  • Assign Fire Fighter ID
  • Update complete in production
  • Review Fire Fighter log report
  • Evaluate need & approach
  • Maintain role definition
  • Perform risk analysis
  • Manage Risk
  • Role owner approval

Security offerings

  • GRC Implementation &Configuration
  • GRC Migration
  • SAP Authorization Designing and Strategy
  • SAP Authorization
  • Redesign/Revamp
  • Integration Testing
  • GRC System and Authorization support
  • HANA System Security Support
  • SAP User and Role Administration
  • Security Monitoring
  • Security Configurations
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Sensitive Access Review
  • Process/Policy Reviews
  • Controls optimization
  • Impact Analysis
  • SAP System Audit and measurement report

Key Benefits

  • Connector.

    Business Support

    Help desk
    User support
    Troubleshoot &Resolve
    Minor Enhancement & Customization
    Additional Development
    User Training

  • Connector.

    Technical Support

    Help desk
    Hardware Performance
    Application System
    Patches & fixes Management
    User Profile Management
    Batch Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Connector.

    Project Support

    Data Archiving
    Business Application Enabling
    Integration with new Application
    Implementation of new dimension products
    Performance Tuning and Optimization