Visitor Management System

For large campuses, technology parks, government offices

Computerized Visitor Management System

OptiVisitor is hosted at the Internet Cloud – thus, establishments will not need to buy and maintain expensive hardware, except for low-cost handheld wireless scanners for checking passes and to register visitors. Any organization can subscribe to OptiVisitor Software as a Service (SaaS) with a very low initial investment, on a monthly subscription depending on the expected number of visitors.

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OptiVisitor caters to the needs of large campuses, technology parks, government offices, large schools, gated communities, flat complexes and so on.

  • Applying for pass

    A Visitors can apply for pass either through an internet web browser, or by installing our Mobile App. Visitors can also be invited by hosts using our Services by sending them a link through SMS/ email

  • One time pass

    As a one-time-activity each Visitor will need to register identification details, including mobile number which will be authenticated through OTP. Private data as shared by Visitors are stored securely and confidentiality protected from being misused.

  • Easy for registered users

    Registered visitors can easily apply for passes (which needs to be approved by the host) or be invited by hosts. Paperless passes with barcode are sent to the Visitor’s email id or to the Mobile App.

Entry management System

  • Visitor tracking

    When the Visitors arrive, quick registration of time-in is facilitated by scanning of the barcode on passes at the entrance points. Optional capture of time-out at exit points by scanning barcode is also provided by OptiVisitor

  • Reports

    Periodic reports regarding visitors can be taken by the host agency


  • Effective than the Conventional system
  • Report Generation
  • Visitors can View and Apply for Walk-Ins, Group Entry
  • Reschedule of Walk-Ins are Enabled
  • Manage Blocked Visitors
  • Data Synchronization
Guest Management System

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