Visitor Management System to Manage Visitors Entry

Managing the visitor’s entry into your premises office, campus or facility consumes lot of administrative efforts, manpower, costs and need to be handled with huge attention and responsibility. The solution is for implementing a computerized online visitor management system that enables automated visitor pass generation and also ensures security and integrity.
OptiVisitor, the completely Automated Visitor Management System, helps the visitors to register with the system and get entry into the company for interviews, meetings and for any appointment with the unit in the campus. The application provides seamless and easy to maintain the visitors and guests entering the campus.

Visitor Management System

For Large Organizations

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  • Effective than the Conventional system
  • Report Generation
  • Visitors can View and Apply for Walk-Ins, Group Entry
  • Reschedule of Walk-Ins are Enabled
  • Manage Blocked Visitors
  • Data Synchronization
Guest Management System


  • Hassle Free Visitor Registration and Login
  • Easy Upload of Photo and ID Proof
  • Authorization of Uploaded Documents
  • Pass Requests Approved by Authorized Officials
  • Dashboard View and Profile Management
  • Issue and Approval of Guest as well as VIP Passes
  • User Management
Entry management System

OptiVisitor : Complete Product Walkthrough