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Client Overview

  • Esteemed company with extensive product range which includes Gelatin for Pharmaceutical & Food applications, Di-Calcium Phosphate as poultry feed ingredient, Ossein and Chitosan for Agricultural and Industrial application.
  • Exporting more than 60% of products to 30+ countries including Japan, USA, Canada and the European Union countries
  • Application version – EHP7 SAP ERP 6.0

Business Need

  • Structuring of manufacturing plant into various functional locations
  • Mapping of existing business scenarios
  • Understanding gaps and solution proposal
  • Process flow design for Unplanned breakdown maintenance
  • Maximum reporting at functional location level

Challenges Involved

  • Breakdown maintenance report
  • AMC report to view maintenance plan schedule for a specific period
  • User Trainings
  • Maintaining sub-equipments

Innoval Solutions

By SAP Plant Maintenance, Innoval helped the client to plan and schedule maintenance activity for most important assets of an organization-Equipment. However, this module’s capabilities are not just restricted to equipment. It also manages the historical data of other areas such as buildings, work centers, etc, and maintenance data such as activities performed, time and location of the activity, etc,. Innoval has helped them on proper mapping of their existing business scenarios with structural objects in SAP Plant maintenance module. Also, guided the users on Breakdown, Preventive and Corrective maintenance activities using SAP, which helps in reducing the downtime of the equipments and the work places.

Business Benefits

  • Integration with Materials Management and Finance module enables a clear tracking on materials consumption for maintenance activities and cost of the maintenance activities involved for an equipment or functional location.
  • Integration with Production and Planning dept. for capacity planning of work centers based on maintenance activities downtime.
  • Reporting was made possible at various levels such as equipment, manufacturing area or entire plant.