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Client Overview

  • Esteemed company, whose roots in the spice trade can be traced back till 18th century and the company specializes in complete food ingredient solutions right from sourcing of raw materials, extraction, research, formulation, testing and final delivery
  • Exporting of products to nearly 60 countries across the globe
  • Application version – EHP7 SAP ERP 6.0

Business Need

  • Structuring of manufacturing plant into various functional locations
  • Allocating individual work centers for different departments like mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, etc,.
  • Mapping of existing business scenarios with SAP transactions
  • Understanding gaps and solution proposal

Challenges Involved

  • Process based Automated mail generation
  • Customized printout for external service based work orders
  • User Trainings
  • Maintaining multiple tasklists for same equipment

Innoval Solutions

Innoval has helped the client on proper mapping of their existing business scenarios with structural objects in SAP Plant maintenance module. We have supported the client to plan and schedule maintenance activities in-order to create orders and notifications, automatically based on the plan maintained for each equipment in the system. It also manages the historical data of other areas such as buildings, work centers, etc, and maintenance data such as activities performed, time & location of the activity, etc,. Also, guided the users on Breakdown, Preventive and Corrective maintenance activities using SAP, which helps in reducing the downtime of the equipments and the work places.

Business Benefits

  • Prior planning of activities and allocation of resources
  • Maintenance team can view list of preventive maintenance orders as per the scheduled date
  • Realtime display of the list of machines due for calibration in advance
  • Integration with Materials Management and Finance module enables a granular level tracking on materials consumed for maintenance activities and cost of the maintenance activities involved for an equipment or functional location