A Comprehensive solution
for tackling the VAT compliance in the GCC Countries

Opti GulfVAT is a part of SAP Add-on OptiSuite 10 and is tightly integrated with SAP SD,MM & FI Modules. It is ONE PRODUCT for all the GCC countries which enables in filing the VAT returns and MIS reporting.


Helps in Returns preparation for GCC Countries
Registers for tracking VAT relevant data
Reconciliation Features
Integration with Government portal for e-filing

OptiGulfVAT – Product Suite





OptiGulfVAT is aimed at providing a comprehensive solution for tackling the VAT compliance in the GCC Countries.

  • One product for all GCC countries
  • Enables VAT Returns for GCC Countries
  • Tracking various Purchase types – Imports, Local and Interstate.
  • Tracking various Sales types – Exports and Interstate.
  • Tracking Stock Transfer
  • Purchase register with details of all types of purchases
  • Sales register with details of all types of sales
  • Debit/Credit register with credit and debit memo details
  • Direct FI Sales and Purchase Register
  • Stock transfer register with details of interstate & intrastate


On-Premise, SAP Add-On
  • No additional hardware, No cloud subscription, No technology upgrade
  • No additional cost for DB Administration
  • No conflict with SAP or custom objects (separate namespace)
Flexible architecture
  • Authorization
User manuals & Configuration guide
Dedicated Product team to handle statutory changes, if any, by Govt.
Dedicated helpdesk team for support to issues

OptiGulfVAT : Complete Product Walkthrough