Application Management Services

Our AMS services helps organization to outsource their day-to-day SAP applications, functional, technical and support services. This improve application performance and achieve better business results in business optimization and innovation and cost effective.

IVLs Application Management Services provide value adds by controlling, optimizing & transforming the application portfolio thru Service Level agreement improvement. IVL provides Business, Technical and Project Support under the Application Management Services umbrella Our development architects, project managers, and developers will help you create and support high-quality, individualized solutions and ultimately evolve your IT infrastructure into your custom business process platform.


We align optimal sized team, optimal metrics and optimal execution models to deliver value through Innovation to specific business challenges.
Our agile operating model quickly adapts to changing needs of the customers, which in turn provides confidence to the business to scale up without being concerned about adequate back end support. IVL’s knowledge management suite backed by proprietary tools and accelerators helps deliver fast and innovative solutions.
Through our unique delivery model, service levels and IP based solutions, clients can optimize efficiencies and reduce costs by X%. The integration services include application to application integration services by using SAP NetWeaver® components such as SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Exchange Infrastructure and SAP Composite Application Framework.
For many decades we’ve helped clients in almost all industry verticals reduce operational expenditure, point out opportunities for optimization and recommended areas of improvement resulting in continuous service improvement.

AMS includes

Monitoring, proactive maintenance & support (functional/ technical). RICEF development, implementation, integration, testing, and help desk services. It also includes application monitoring, BASIS support, as well as business continuity services like back-up & recovery of applications and interfaces.

  • Connector.

    Business Support

    • Help desk
    • User support
    • Troubleshoot &Resolve
    • Minor Enhancement & Customization
    • Additional Development
    • User Training

  • Connector.

    Technical Support

    • Help desk
    • Hardware Performance
    • Application System
    • Administration
    • Patches & fixes Management
    • User Profile Management
    • Batch Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Connector.

    Project Support

    • Upgrades
    • Data Archiving
    • Business Application Enabling
    • Integration with new Application
    • Implementation of new dimension products
    • Performance Tuning and Optimization