Export & Import process

For SAP Business Documents

Efficiently automate digital signing and printing processes of SAP documents

Provide SAP users the ability to preview, digitally sign and automatically distribute signed copies.
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OptiSuite 10x SAP certifiedSAP SAP S/4HANA CertifiedSAP SAP S/4HANA Certified

Our customers are able to achieve faster and more efficient documentation and
compliance with the help of OptiSuite range of products

The solution have different working models for enterprise and Individuals.
Server Model – SAP – Adaptable to any ERP platforms ( min ECC EHP 3 and above)
Client Model- SAP and non SAP : Standalone application for individual PC/Desk top, can be easily integrated with ERP 
Web UI Model : Solution can be accessed via url in any internet browsers on a PC/Laptop and ready to integrate with ERP/CRM


Digital signing and printing automation
OptiSign is robust Digital Signature solution for SAP using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) that is obtained from Government approved CA’s for Organization and Individual Certificates.

OptiSign Highlights-

  • Digitally Sign a Set of PDF Documents at one-go
  • Flexibility to Digitally sign document manually and automatically by scheduling the job
  • Mass Signing of PDF Documents Help Reduction in Effort for User
  • OptiSign Interactive Forms Helps the User to Save the Default Settings / Configuration, to Digitally Sign the Documents Repeatedly
  • Universal Formatting Ensured

Major Challenges faced by your business

  • No control on document signing  with authorized signatories​
  • Frequent mistakes in document validation intern ends in cancellation of documents.
  • Physical dependency of signatories for approvals
  • Missing signatures in pages in the case of mass signing
  • Cant authorize a new person enrolling in system for digital signature with out back check
  • Vendor payment delay due to non timely approvals.​
  • Signature tampering, accuracy can’t be controlled
  • Manual Audit of signed documents will be time consuming in case of huge volume of documents
  • Lack of Visibility on outstanding Export Incentives
  • Offline maintenance of financial records ends up with poor fund management

Advantages of OptiSign


Configuration for document signing control

Easy to use

User friendly and easy configuration management

Error Free Documentations

Easy workflow setup,Business document header detail mapping

User Management

Flexibility to add and control users

Audit Trail

Audit trial for legal compliance and manage statutory requirement


Effeciency gain , Time, Cost effective

OptiSuite 10x is
certified for deployment on
SAP S/4HANA 2020

A comprehensive Add-on Solution for SAP for meeting various statutory needs in Indirect Taxation, International Trade, Invoicing and more for Indian Enterprises.


Key Features

  • Connector.

    Digital Signature on the fly

    Simply Digitally sign, output of Smart forms, Adobe forms and on-the-fly from SAP as pdf document using standard as well as custom T codes

  • Connector.

    Preveiw and Download signed documents

    Preview, download the digitally signed pdf, single or multiple documents to your PC/ Laptop

  • Connector.

    Documents available of further reference

    Signed document will have the readiness to store in content server or application server.

  • Connector.

    Automated Digital Signing and Hierarchy

    Secured automated way of digital signing & Easy way of configuring digital sign hierarchy

  • Connector.

    Auto Email

    Automatically email signed pdf to the configured recipients maintained in SAP master data or configured recipients directly in OptiSign.

OptiSign : Complete Product Walkthrough