Automate Digital Signing

For SAP Business Documents

Efficiently automate digital signing and printing processes of SAP documents

Provide SAP users the ability to preview, digitally sign and automatically distribute signed copies.

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Digital signing and printing automation
OptiSign is robust Digital Signature solution for SAP using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) that is obtained from Government approved CA’s for Organization and Individual Certificates.

Solution Approach

  • Integrates Adobe’s PDF Technology into SAP
  • Interactive Forms Helps Automate the Creation of Data for SAP Systems
  • Full Integration into the SAP Development Environments for Java and ABAP
  • Universal Formatting Ensured
  • Digitally Sign a Set of PDF Documents at one-go
  • OptiSign Interactive Forms Helps the User to Save the Default Settings / Configuration, to Digitally Sign the Documents Repeatedly
  • Flexibility to Digitally sign document manually and automatically by scheduling the job
  • Mass Signing of PDF Documents Help Reduction in Effort for User
  • Universal Formatting Ensured
SAP Digital signature Solution
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OptiSign : Complete Product Walkthrough