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Content Management System (CMS)

In Content Management System (CMS) by Jiju Thomas Mathew

About the AuthorJiju Thomas MathewJiju is a core technology evaluator and an active participant of the FOSS world. During his 30 years of career, he has implemented combinations of Free and Open Source Software to multiple walks of life, which includes Publishing, Information Technology and Cloud.A content management system (CMS) is an application or set of integrated software services that ...
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Packaging – unarguably the best media for a consumer brand

In Artwork-approval-software by Jose Thomas

About the AuthorJose ThomasPrincipal Consultant (Digital Products & Services). Jose is passionate about brands, marketing communications and tracks the latest trends in advertising. He successfully led business analysis for many software implementation projects for leading brand owners. He was also part of software product development of Xemarks, Xeproof and Xegency and implemented them with multiple clients. His experience as a ...
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Giving innovation space to seed and flourish

In Blog by Sunil Gupta

Innoval digital solutions (IVL) is an established company in Technopark – Trivandrum
and having operations in Mumbai and Bangalore. IVL is having leadership in building
business applications, software products using cutting edge digital technologies and
SAP platforms for large number of enterprise customers in India and Globally.

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India’s trade Initiatives in the digital era.

In OptiExim by Vivek C V

With the onset of the fourth digital industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0, India like many other developing countries is facing new opportunities and challenges in international trade. The rising digitalization can greatly impact on trade competitiveness of the countries, benefitting the countries which are able to increase the digital content of their production and exports while adversely impacting the countries which are unable to catch-up in the digital race. To digitally prepare itself India has initiated some concrete programs like ‘Digital India’ which aims at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy

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Intelligent Enterprise in India – a precursor

In SAP Innovation by Manoj P

One of the key focus areas of SAP TechEd 2019 at Las Vegas & Barcelona was on how to leverage SAP Innovations to help organizations become Intelligent Enterprises for innovation, customer experience and growth. SAP TechEd 2019 Bangalore is also focused in this direction.

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Smart Workforce

In Blog by Manoj P

When was the last time you multiplied a 4 digit number with a 3 digit number without a calculator or an electronic spreadsheet? Other than, of course, multiples of 100?

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New found challenges of marketers

In Marketing Activity Management System by Jose Thomas

Marketers are traditionally been challenged by the onslaught of new trends, lifestyles and changing preferences of consumers. Earlier these changes used to happen over a long period of time. But now they have to grapple with another set of challenges – technology, the fast pace of technology disruptions virtually changes everything around them. The traditional ways of marketing are being challenged and disrupted by the technology. The digital savvy consumer is a hard nut to crack, but easier to access given the multiple avenues to capture them.