SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP): Powering Digital Transformation

Welcome to a realm of unparalleled innovation and efficiency! Discover the boundless capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) seamlessly integrated with our cutting-edge solutions at Innoval Digital Solutions.
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Unleashing Innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) at Innoval Digital Solutions

Our Technology Stack






SAP BTP is a comprehensive suite of solutions empowering businesses to integrate, extend, and innovate seamlessly in the digital era. It serves as a unified platform for building, deploying, and managing intelligent applications.

Embrace the power of SAP BTP and Innoval Digital Solutions to transform your business operations. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape by unlocking new possibilities, fostering innovation, and ensuring a seamless, intelligent future.

Key Features of SAP BTP:

  • Connect and integrate data and processe
  • Customize and extend applications
  • Harness powerful analytics for data-driven decision-making
  • Create intelligent applications with AI and machine learning.
  • Ensure top-tier security with built-in data protection features
  • Scalability and Flexibility

Mastering SAP Business Technology Platform: Essential Skillsets for Success

  • Programming Model on BTP
    CAP – Cloud Application Programming Model
    RAP – ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model
  • In App extensibility
  • Extension App development
  • Side-by-Side App development
  • Custom code migration from on-prem to SAP BTP
  • SAP Analytics (SAC)
    Embedded analytics
    Enterprise analytics – Stories and dashboards in SAC using ETL of data
  • SaaS application and package development
    CI/CD Pipieline (Project Piper)
    MTAR build and Deployment
    Manage tenants using landscape portal
  • Document management system
    SAP BTP Document Management Service (DMS)
    Object Store Service on SAP BTP
  • System administration
    Creation of Provider and Consumer subaccounts
    Configuring ABAP and other services provided in BTP
    Trust configuration – IAS, IAS of customer, SAP Id, Microsoft AD
    Connectivity destination using Cloud Connector to connect to backend SAP systems
    Connectivity destination to SAP S4HANA public cloud using https protocol
    Management of Users and Roles
  • SAP Build Work Zone
    SAP Build Work Zone Site with Federated SAP S/4HANA Content

BTP Components

Cloud Foundry runtime

Portal development

Fiori Launchpad / SAP Build Work Zone (Standard edition)


Integrations – CPI/Cloud connector

Security / Trust Configuration – IAS / Cloud Identity Services, Microsoft AD

Single Sign-on

DMS and Object store

HANA Database

SAP Mobile Development

API hub and development

Business Application Studio

certified Built on
SAP BTP Platform

Our solution simplifies the export-import process by eliminating the need for managing Excel, Word, and file uploads and downloads, and providing seamless integration with SAP ERP/S4/HANA or other ERP systems, making cross-border trade and EXIM compliant and easy.

Case Studies

  • Tax technology solutions
  • International Trade solutions
  • Automatic e-invoicing
  • Govt Portal integration
  • Vendor management
  • Tax technology solutions
  • International Trade solutions
  • Automatic e-invoicing
  • Govt Portal integration
  • Vendor management
  • Document extraction
  • Document storage & management
  • SaaS Add-on package development
  • CXO Dashboards


  • Connector.

    Automated document processing

  • Connector.

    Workflow Management

  • Connector.

    Process integration

  • Connector.

    CPI/Cloud Connector

  • Connector.

    Event-driven integration

  • Connector.

    B2B integration

  • Connector.

    API-led integration

  • Connector.

    Data integration

  • Connector.

    Analytics & planning

  • Connector.

    Data management

  • Connector.

    Operational database

  • Connector.

    CXO Dashboards