SAP Business Technology Platform
ABAP Extension Factory

Transform your existing custom ABAP solutions to SAP Business Technology Platform


  • Accelerate business process innovation by using & leveraging existing familiar ABAP assets
  • Extend SAP business processes and develop new applications that interact seamlessly with SAP on-premise solutions, keeping your digital core systems clean
  • Decouple custom innovation from the digital core to achieve greater agility
  • Simplify cloud adoption and commercialization (for partners who have built SAP ABAP Add-ons) of SAAS ABAP- platform based


  • SAP Business Technology Platform – ABAP environment. presents a valuable alternative for IT departments that are burdened with growing backlog of new requests for SAP application extensions and new applications which interact with SAP solutions
  • This cloud-based environment frees your IT personnel from the need to provision and maintain both software and hardware assets
  • We can migrate your ABAP applications to the cloud preserving innovation investments. with reworking any on-premise application built on ABAP cloud
  • Decouple custom code, eliminate unused functionalities, adopt new innovative platform of innovation and build using the new services on SAP Cloud
  • Side-by-side extensions that extend SAP S/4HANA/ECC that go beyond the scope of the built-in In-App extensibility
  • Connect securely, seamlessly and quickly with SAP products and solutions