For Media Portals

CMS For Media Portal on AWS Cloud

OptiMedia is a CMS that is built on the ‘serverless’ technology.
Our serverless content management system (CMS) allows authorized user representatives to add or modify content of the website without technical help. OptiMedia allows correspondents in field to post news items using tablet PC’s or even smart phones. Our editorial workflow management system ensures only the approved content is published in the portal. The built in analytics dashboard helps the administrators to identify the most popular areas of the portal.
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A single installation of OptiMedia supports multiple news portals to be hosted, and in multiple languages. Also provided are tools that help to verify and translate content.



OptiMedia is a CMS that is built on the ‘serverless’ technology. This saves huge cost for maintaining and administrating the high-end servers. The Autoscale function keeps your site up and running even in peak load time giving high performance.

  • 100% Cloud Architecture
  • Auto Scalable
  • Fault-Tolerant
  • Highly Available
  • Editorial Workflow
  • Translation and Proofreading
  • News Hub and News Videos Management
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Gallery Management
  • Article Management
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Ad Centre Management
  • User and Roles Management

OptiMedia: Complete Product Walkthrough