Proactive alerts and responses

For Business Enterprise

Manage your business with proactive alerts and response

Timely Information on potential business events and exceptions are often needed to take critical business steps before it is too late.The question is who will set the alarm-clock for critical action items having a deadline and blow the whistle immediately on encountering sensitive exceptions.

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ProActivate, is part of OptiSuite stack of SAP Add-On, that can trigger automated alerts on encountering sensitive exceptions in business. The tool can also send notifications to business team for pending action items having deadlines crucial for business/compliance.

The solution comes in a registered namespace and can therefore be installed and configured without any adverse impact on SAP and other custom-objects in the client’s SAP landscape. The solution can be installed in the same instance where SAP is live (on-premise/cloud as the case may be).


Information Push and Pull

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Alert on Demand (Pull via SMS / Email Trigger)

User-Friendly Console

Easy Creation and Maintenance of Business Alerts

Helps to Get Information Anywhere-Anytime

  • Configurable Thresholds for Defining Exceptions
  • One or More Recipients
  • Personalization and Subscription
  • Activate/Deactivate Alerts

Supports a Choice of Communication Channels

  • E-mail, SMS, Fax

Process Flow

Process flow Proactivate