For Compliance Requirements Under GST

Add-on solutions to SAP ERP for compliance requirements under GST

Vendor Reconciliation for hassle-free Input Tax Credit under GST.
Majority of the taxpayers have been availing input tax credit based on vendor invoices posted in their Tax G/Ls. The GST Regime is moving towards allowing input tax credit based on vendor’s GST returns alone, thereby posing a challenge on the cash flow in future as well as reconciliation for previous years. OptiGSTReco is an SAP-Certified Add-On solution that helps business enterprises to do vendor reconciliation in a flexible way and without any file download/upload.

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OptiGSTReco provides best practices in vendor reconciliation

  • Pre-defined Criteria Combined with Flexible User-defined Criteria and Sequences
  • Efficiently Handles Special Characters in Vendor Invoice Number and Cross-registration Invoices
  • Excellent Performance, does not Need any File Download or Manual Data Entry



  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • FI Register

Vendor Reconciliation

  • GSP – GSTN integration
  • GSTR 2A Fetch (via API)
  • API Log Report
  • GSTR 2A Report
  • Maintain Reconciliation Criteria
  • Vendor Reconciliation Process
  • Manual Reconciliation Option
  • Vendor Reconciliation Report

IVL Value proposition

Capability and track record

Integrated ASP solution successfully deployed at large number of enterprise customers and being supported under AMC, with periodic support packs addressing changes introduced by GSTN from time to time.

Information security

OptiGstReco is installed in the same instance as the SAP ERP (on-premise / cloud as the case may be) incorporating encoding and encryption of data in SAP ERP instance itself.

Cost-effective solution

No need for a separate ASP ecosystem / additional resources (hardware, manpower). The cost of the solution does not increase based on future increase in business volume.

Compliance & Cashflow

  • Identify Missing Documents & Value-mismatches
  • Addresses Special-char Issues in Invoice Numbers
  • Handles Cross-registration Invoices
  • Better Follow-up with Vendors Using Reconciled Data
  • Evaluation of Vendors
  • Helps to Establish Payment Controls in A/P Process
  • Trace & Fix Root Causes to Prevent Future Mismatches
  • Discover Eligible ITC not Posted yet in A/P
  • Reduce Tax Liability
  • Improve Cash-flow & Save Interests
  • Enhancements Using ML, AI & NLP in Upcoming Release