Vendor Invoice Processing Tool

For Vendors & supplier companies

Automated Document Processing for Enterprises

iDeck enables business enterprises to automate the processing of documents such as supplier invoices, Bills of Entry, Letters of Credit, Import Licenses, Purchase Orders and so on.
Relevant fields from documents are extracted from scanned documents using OCR and NLP technologies.

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iDeck offers the perfect user interface for visually matching the fields as auto-extracted from the documents to fields in the corresponding documents already created at the ERP System (such as POs/ GRs in case of Invoices). Validated document fields can then be posted to the ERP (in case of Invoices, iDeck caters for Parking, Miro Simulation and Posting in the ERP)

Processing of external documents that are received as scanned images or PDF formats represents a significant overhead for most businesses. Manual data entry of such documents is slow, time consuming and very expensive. iDeck enables organizations to automate and streamline the processing of external documents such as supplier invoices, Bills of Entry, Letters of Credit, Import Licenses, Purchase Orders and so on.

iDeck automatically extracts information from any incoming documents, validates it and transfers it to the ERP (SAP) system. Irrespective of the document layout, iDeck can process these as received from external agencies in almost any format — where necessary, using inbuilt OCR technology. Having identified the originator from the unique characteristics of the document, IDeck intelligently highlights and extracts the pertinent references and fields. Additionally, iDeck can validate the extracted data against the accounting system in the ERP, e.g. supplier details, purchase orders, and automatically highlight discrepancies for the attention of the operator. iDeck can extract relevant fields and process these from external documents, such as Invoices, Bills of Entry, Letters of Credit, Import Licenses, Purchase Orders and so on.


  • Automatic Content Analysis and Recognition of Key Information
  • Automatic Recognition of the Supplier
  • Tightly Integrated with ERP (SAP) Systems
  • Very Easy Addition of New Suppliers
  • Built-in Support for Regional Variations
  • Automatically Builds a Knowledge Database of Documents and their Structure
  • Extensive Validation Techniques are Utilized to Ensuring 100% Accuracy.
  • User-friendly Validation with Drag-and-drop OCR
  • Recognition of Foreign Invoices
  • Handle Single and Multi-page Invoices with Attachments


  • Reduced Data Entry Costs
  • Single Process for Paper/ Electronic Invoices
  • Reduced Processing Times
  • Improved Speed
  • Improved Data Integrity
  • Very Short-term ROI
Digital Automation through Ideck

Technical Specification

  • Platform – J2EE
  • Technology and Frame works – ICR, Struts2, Hibernate, JavaScript, HTML and AJAX,
  • Operating Systems and Servers – Windows, MySQL, Apache Tomcat
  • Languages – Java
  • Database – MySQL, SQL Server,
  • Integration – SAP-ERP

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