Visitor Security in School and College Campuses

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Importance of visitor logging

There is increasing awareness of the importance of having security arrangements in school and college campuses. However in India, even large elite campuses do not yet have adequate Visitor Security Management in place.

A good number of campuses already have paper registers for visitor logging. But this practice is vulnerable to a variety of security risks. It discourages analyzing visitor trends and patterns. Worse, in a fire or other emergency, it would be impossible to quickly determine who is still in the building since it is often difficult to read names, specially so, when check-out times have not been consistently recorded. This process is also time consuming and gives an impression of non-professional management.

gate pass management

Safety issues have changed considerably over the past 10 to 20 years, and protecting the campus from unwanted visitors is one of the most important focus areas. No one should be allowed to enter a school or college campus without first interacting with a staff member or administrator to ensure they are authorized to be there and are complying with specific school check-in regulations. No one, other than students and staff, should be inside the school, unescorted, without a valid visitor card hung round the neck.

How a visitor management system helps

Today, visitor management systems are available that provide secure and professional access for visitors without contributing to a cumbersome or time-consuming check-in process. The best systems actually streamline the visitor management process, while improving security, safety and convenience for students and staff. Most school administrators also believe that, if these systems protect even a single child, they are well worth the money spent on them.

Innoval Digital Solutions can offer full featured Visitor Management System hosted at the Cloud (Internet) on a monthly subscription basis, without the need to buy expensive hardware, other than low cost handheld wireless scanners.

This provides for visitors to apply for passes using a downloaded Mobile App, or from their internet browsers. Or else, visitors can be invited by authorized staff members. Once approved by the concerned staff, electronic passes are automatically sent by email to smart phones or through the mobile app. On arrival, the bar-code on these passes is scanned using the handheld devise which authenticates the visitor and electronically logs the visitor time-in. Validated visitors can be given visitors cards with lanyards. On exit, these are collected back and the bar-code scanned to log the time-out.

Innoval’s Visitor Management System also caters for the needs of technology parks, industrial complexes, gated communities, flat complexes and government offices.

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