Embarking on a wondrous Onam odyssey!

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We began with a heartwarming Onam Payasam contest, filling the air with delightful aromas. Our space transformed with an exquisite Onapookkalam, and rhythmic Chendamelam set the tone. Captivating Puli Kali dance and lively beats merged seamlessly. Thiruvathira performances, vibrant entertainment, and a cherished Sadya tradition followed. Spirited indoor games and outdoor thrills led to the climax of Tug of War. ...
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Twins Day Recap: Double the Fun!

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Our office recently embraced a day of unity with "Twins Day," where colleagues teamed up in matching outfits for a fun-filled celebration. Laughter, surprises, and a unique sense of togetherness filled the air, creating a memorable atmosphere. From matching attire to synchronized gestures,playful games and challenges, our team showcased their creativity and enthusiasm. The day highlighted the dedication and spirit ...
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