Hands-Free Processing of Inbound Invoices

In Automated Document Processing by Anandkumar S Nair

Most manufacturing companies need to procure materials and services from hundreds of external vendors. These invoices come in numerous layouts, and entering details from these to the ERP is often a nightmare for companies. Some outsource the invoice data entry job to 3rd parties. Others utilize their own internal resources for the purpose. Either way, this is a time consuming ...
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Document automation & integration ( In bound invoices, BOE,L/C, etc) and integration with SAP

In Blog, Automated Document Processing by Rajesh P

Automatic processing of Invoices is a priority activity now with most of the customers as manual data entry leads to transactional errors and getting wrong data captured in the system. Invoice processing automation tool (Ideck) enables organizations to automate and stream line the processing of supplier invoices. It automatically extracts information from any incoming invoice, validates data and transfers it ...
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