Manage your SAP application services in cost effective manner

In AMS by Manesh M S

The success of any SAP implementation is highly dependent on the Application Management Services and the kind of support provided by competent partners. It is important to take necessary steps to apprehend the benefits of SAP investments, deliver true value and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by bringing down the cost with advance end user gratification to get enhanced ...
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QR Code for B2C Invoices: “Digital Display” for Customers?

In E Invoicing by Anandkumar S Nair

IntroductionAs is well known, electronic invoices (e-Invoices) have been made mandatory by the Government of India with effect from 01 Oct 2020 for all B2B transactions by business entities with a turnover greater than Rs 100 Crore. What this means is that all invoices, generated by companies using their existing ERP/ Accounting System will need to be converted into a ...
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SAAS Application Development

In SAAS by Jiju Thomas Mathew

SaaS is a popular way of delivering software by licensing or a subscription which enables the consumer not to worry about maintaining the infrastructure. SaaS could be an active business model where the founders create a system specifically for a niche, or as a source of additional revenue, where the company originally develops a system and then issues the same ...
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How to maintain business continuity in shutdown scenario

In SAP Process and Systems by Asokan S

Catastrophes that may destroy your SAP Systems and precious data at any timeA disruptive event can be anything that puts an organization's operations at risk, from a HW failure to power outages and backup failures to natural disasters. Well defined Contingency plan will support you to run business continuously during an unplanned disruption in service. Innoval helps customers to create ...
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Minimizing Cargo Transportation Costs

In Transportation Management Software by Vineeth K Kandathil

Cargo Transportation concerns the movement of goods from a source to a destination. The goal for any business owner is to minimize transportation costs while also meeting demand for products. Business owners rely on the Crago transportation Service Providers to achieve this goal. Transportation costs generally depend upon the distance between the source and the destination, the means of transportation ...
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