Total Taxation Solution integration – GST, E Way Bill, e-invoice(Part-3)

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Integration challenges

Since there is a need for GST Returns / reconciliation solution even beyond the e-invoice rollout, integration of applications would be even more important.

Are there any outward supplies done without e-invoice? If the supply comes under the revised provisions of Rule 48 (Manner of issuing invoice) under the CGST Rules, Part A (Chapter VI), such an invoice is invalid. From an audit perspective, reports linking all relevant invoices with a valid e-invoice would be important.

Also, reconciliation reports comparing the auto-populated GST ANX-1 with the final GST ANX-1 (and the General Ledger summary in the ERP) would be important from a tax liability perspective.

What does Innoval have to offer not just for e-invoice, but also for these integration challenges?

Innoval has distinct solutions for e-invoicing, E Way Bill and GST Returns / Reconciliation.

Further, Innoval has incorporated integration tools into its GST solutions such that the challenges listed above (and more) can be addressed without any hassles. Not just the compliance reconciliation in GST,

but also key proactive measures that help to identify and preempt validation errors in e-invoice generation at IRP (validity of the GSTIN number – including if the customer is in blocked status due to continued non-compliance).


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