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The ability to easily share data with other businesses and with customers is among the most critical drivers for modern, mission-critical business initiatives. API, or Application Program Interface is the software intermediary that allows different software applications to talk to each other.

APIs are all around us, even as many of us may not be unaware of this. When we search at Google for something, or log on to a 3rd party website using Facebook, or make a payment through credit card, the underlying technology that makes all this possible is that of API.

The main benefit of using fully tested APIs is that these enable development of custom applications quickly and with ease. Some of the use cases for which we provide APIs are:-

  • Real-time validation of  GSTN/ PAN/ eWay Bill status etc
  • Real-time services like OCR, Extraction of Invoice Fields, B2C QR Codes etc
  • Tracking of movement of goods in transit
  • Getting the distance between two PIN
  • Getting item details for a given HSN Code

Companies like Google and Amazon have published a library of useful APIs that can be called by applications for face-recognition, getting the latitude and longitude of own location, translation from one language to another and many more.

Agencies of the Government of India too have published useful APIs that can be used by 3rd party applications. These include APIs for filing of e-invoices and eway bills, validating of GST Numbers and so on.

IVL’s API Suite

Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a suite of APIs that meet almost all typical business needs. After signing up for a single annual subscription plan, businesses can consume any of the APIs as currently available in the Suite, and also the APIs that would be published in the future.

The partial list of available APIs is as indicated in the table below.



Use Case


Get Locality from PIN Code

This would be useful to put correct PIN Code while desptaching goods etc

Get PIN Code from Post Office Locality

When the address does not have a PIN code, or to validate this

Get distance between two PIN Codes

To calculate freight etc

Get State Code

Required to file eInvoices

Get Item Details and GST Rate from HSN Code

Useful while processing inbound Invoices


Validate PAN

IT rates apply differentially to those with and without valid PAN. Hence the requirement to validate PAN to compute TDS, TCS etc

Validate if ITR filed

To compute applicable rate for TDS/ TCS

Get Applicable GST Rate from HSN

As described earlier


Get authenticated line item details for e-invoice using Signed Ack JSON

This is to ensure that inbound e-Invoices are registered at the GSTN database

Extract fields from PDF Invoices (both eInvoices/ normal invoices). PDF files with text embedded as image too are extracted

Addresses the problems of manual data entry for inbound vendor invoice.  Without any training specified fields are extracted with 40-50% accuracy. (The accuracy of fields extraction can be increased to 99.9% by availing of the service offered by IVL to "train" based on sample invoices for each vendor layout. This involves additional payment)

Validate GSTN

When an Invoice is received from a new vendor, the GSTN as indicated needs to be validated to ensure correct processing of Input Tax Credit.

Get eWayBill Details by Buyer GSTN

With this API (that takes GSTN of Buyer as input), users can get details all inbound eWay Bills for a given GSTN. eWay Bill Numbers so received can be the input for the next API (Reject eWay Bill).

Automatic trigger to extend validity period for eWayBills

Automate extension of validity period of eWayBills when delivery is delayed,or when vehicle details are changed

Reject eWay Bill

This API can be used by the supplier/recipient in case of eWay Bills generated by the other party or by the transporter (within 72 hours)

Generate QR Code for B2C Invoices

This is a compliance requirement for many companies. Customers can make payments (through UPI etc) by scanning the QR Code

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