Transform Invoice Processing and Document Management with automation Software


SAP Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable automation solution -Ideck that streamlines invoice capture, allows for intelligent matching and invoice coding, and seamlessly transfers invoices to your SAP ERP system. Integrating your accounts payable with SAP will reduce labor costs, improve productivity and eliminate 100% of paper invoices from your accounts payable process.

Why Integrate an AP Invoice Automation Solution with your ERP

By integrating accounts payable processing with your SAP system, AP Departments can now take full advantage of productivity and efficiency gains that the accounts payable automation system provides.
Ideck is Solution goes beyond finance to cover purchase orders, delivery notes, sales orders, and remittance.

The benefits of integrating ideck-accounts payable automation with SAP ERP system as follows.
• Seamless integration reduces the need for technical resources
• Accounts payable dashboard provides 100% visibility to supplier invoices
• 100% Elimination of paper invoices
• Electronically Captures email invoices and vendor documents
• Complete elimination of manual data entry
• Perform 3/4-way matching
• Verification of FAKE e-invoices
Verification and Validation of Vendor Invoices with GSTN
• Vendor invoices compliance check
• Ensures accuracy in Data validation
• Centralized processing of Vendor Invoices and vendor documents
• Instantly access invoices from the electronic archive, Enforces processing rules and compliance
• Automating posting of invoices in SAP
• 100% automation of inbound e-invoices (Verify, Validate & Process)