Parcel Service Software

For Cargo Companies, Parcel Services, Full Truck and Less Than Truckload Transporters.

Carego – Transportation Management Solution for Less Than Truckload (LTL) & Full Truck Load (FTL) Transporters.

Carego brilliantly manages the operational challenges of Cargo and Parcel Service Companies and Transporters to deliver supreme attention and excellent services besides keeping their operational costs to minimum. The solution is user friendly, adaptable and customizable. Carego can manage end to end operations from Consignment Booking to Delivery.

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Carego offers innumerable benefits, sensitive to the needs of transport operators and their customers. Seemingly negligible, yet sensitive, factors can become an organizational and planning challenge. To handle the multifarious jobs of a logistician, the solution needs to be flexible and competent to handle each and every operation in the workflow.

Operational efficiency, control over the entire life cycle from pick up to delivery and revenue collection, definite cost saving, reliable and futuristic technology base and Customer Support are all integrated into the solution.

The cloud based system for transporters with browser and mobile clients.


The main benefit of carego logistics management solution lies in its capability to be tailor made to the operational methodologies followed by a company.

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    Ensured security

    Flawless Security features are ensured to secure your business data. Encrypted data transfer and operator permissions from HO ensure maximum security and control for the head office over the work flow.

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    Expandable operations

    Multiple companies can be operated within a single interface, yet accounts and MIS reports can be independent. Enables multiple services through the same interface, for Cargo, Courier and

    Transportation. Supports unlimited number of branches and franchisees anywhere across the world.

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    Fail safe back up system

    Carego fully runs on Amazon cloud and deployed in multiple cloud zones across the world to keep the data safe

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    Schedule intelligently

    Effective Trip Management and route planning to maximize income per route. Trips evaluation for cost saving, resource analysis for effective usage are useful in day to day scheduling. Break Journey, temporary trip management, rescheduling consignment are some of the features.

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    Higher Return on Investment

    CAReGO assures real time data availability in all branches. CAReGO does not need dedicated EDP persons or experienced Server or Database Administrators. CAReGO requires only standard web browser to operate and do not require any high end servers or third party software or utilities thus saving initial investments.

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    Extended web portal

    Solution integrated corporate site provides information to track and monitor the status of consignment to consignee and consignor. Online request for booking and door collection, delivery time details, customer friendly tracking interface, synchronized status of consignments, duplicate waybills printing, customer accounts page retrieval are made possible online.

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    Lowest business overheads

    Reduction of communication leads to considerable amount of cost and effort savings. The clarity and accuracy of inter office communications, cutting costs and investments for leased lines are direct benefits other than considerable reduction in duplication of tasks. The logistics cycle is completed with minimum resources and manpower providing maximum control over the process. This alone have significant effect on reduction of business overheads.


Carego features are a delight to operational heads of transporting companies. It’s features place it above many competing solutions. Operational flexibility, control, cost saving, technology suitability along with revenue maximization are areas which Carego contributes the maximum benefits.


  • Branch wise Demurrage Settings
  • Powerful Search Options
  • Automated Trip Loading
  • Load Planner
  • Automated Trip Unloading
  • Consignment Re-routing
  • Route Based Trips Management
  • Complete Vehicle Management
  • Door Pick Up Support
  • Door Delivery Support
  • Vehicle Tracking API
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tool
  • Customer web portal
  • Intelligent Consignment Tracking
  • Location Based Door Delivery
  • Loading Sheet
  • Entire Customer Details at All Branches
  • Paid, To Pay, Partial Pay, Free, Credit options
  • Operational Accounts
  • Centralized Administrative Controls


  • Centralized Administrative Controls
  • Centrally Controlled Rate Settings
  • Versatile Branch Commission Setting
  • Admin Controlled User Management
  • Trip Re-routing
  • Consignments Temporary Unloading
  • Temporary Trips Management
  • Branch Locked Customers
  • Multi Branch Customer
  • Credit Limit& Multiple billing locations

Customer Mobile App

  • Estimate Request
  • Booking Request
  • Live Tracking
  • Pickup and Delivery Confirmation

Driver Mobile App

  • Trip Notification
  • Status Update
  • Incident Reporting
  • Location Update
  • Pickup
  • Delivery

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