Export & Import process

For Foreign Trade Management

Smart Manage Your Export & Import Business – The Complete Solution

OptiExim is SAP certified Add-on, which takes care of compliance requirements related to Export Import Business process. OptiEXIM is a module of OptiSuite10x. This module is tightly integrated with SAP SD and MM, so that the Exports Sales data and Imports Purchase data flows in seamlessly to the Exim documents. OptiEXIM is compatible with SAP ECC and S/4 HANA
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OptiSuite 10x SAP certifiedSAP Netweaver Certified ProductSAP SAP S/4HANA Certified

Our customers are able to achieve faster and more efficient documentation and
compliance with the help of OptiSuite

The solution has been developed in IVL’s registered namespace and can therefore be installed and configured without any adverse impact on SAP and other custom-objects in the client’s SAP landscape. There is no need of additional server or hardware for installing OptiExim. It can be installed in the same instance where SAP is live (on-premise or cloud as the case may be). Specific OptiExim enhancements, if any needed, would be safeguarded from future support packs/ upgrade of OptiExim.


This solution provides digitalized documentation with alert notifications and analytics to help the corporates to take real-time business critical decisions.
IVL has more than two decades of experience in designing SAP Certified Add-ons (Opti range of products). OptiExim handles the scenarios based on current Foreign Trade policy/ regulations. The solution architecture uses native SAP transactions, SAP Enterprise portal & SAPUI5/Fiori applications. OptiExim can be easily integrated with external applications, government portals using APIs

OptiExim enables you to:-

  • Avail Export Benefits
  • Become more Competitive
  • Improve Supply Chain Logistics in Imports
  • Enhance Customer Experience & Handle Growth in Exports
  • Monitoring of Timely Realization of Export
  • Proceeds as per the exchange Control Regulation Act (EDPMS)

Major Challenges faced by your business

  • Manual Creation of Export documentation – Typo Errors
  • Manual  Creation of Bank Documents  ( Exports and Domestic )
  • Manual Tracking of Exports Incentives – Duty Drawback
  • Manual Tracking of Exports Receivables and Outward payments 
  • Improper status of LC Utilization

Competitive advantages of OptiExim

SAP Certified Product

This solution have been tested and validated by SAP

Accelerating Documentation Processing

Helps in reducing the cycle time for documentation processing

Maximizing Export Capacity

The ability to effectively manage and handle large volumes of exports

Track and avail export incentives

A tracking mechanism that helps businesses monitor and access export incentives

Bank integration through API

Digital readiness (through APIs) for Bank integration related to International payment methods

Track & Monitor

Users can Track and monitor exports and import bills

Enhance customer experience

Improve the experience for customers

Introducing a revolutionary way to transact with Trade APIs

Become Future-ready with Axis Bank
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OptiSuite 10x is
certified for deployment on
SAP S/4HANA 2020

A comprehensive Add-on Solution for SAP for meeting various statutory needs in Indirect Taxation, International Trade, Invoicing and more for Indian Enterprises.




  • Connector.

    Document Set Generation

    Pre-Shipment & Post-Shipment Docs

    e BRC

  • Connector.

    Export Obligation of Benefit Schemes

    Advance Authorization and EPCG

  • Connector.

    Trade Finance

    Letter of Credit

    Advance Payment - e FIRC

    Reconciliation of LC with Sales Order

    Letter of Credit utilisation

    Amendment tracking

    Tracking of LC discrepancy charges

  • Connector.

    Post Export Incentive

    Duty Drawback – AIR


    IGST Refund Tracking


  • Connector.

    Container Tracking for Factory stuffing

  • Connector.

    MIS Reports

  • Connector.

    Mail Alerts

Integration with SAP ERP and Facility for

  • Functional Enhancement of SAP ERP
  • Access Anytime Anywhere Using SAPUI5 / Fiori Applications & SAP Enterprise Portal Applications
  • Analytical Reports to Take Business Critical Decisions
  • Integration with External Agencies by Email Automation, File Generation to Upload in IceGate, Application Access Over SAP Enterprise Portal for CHA.
  • Real Time Data Access


  • Connector.

    Scheme Management as per Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020

    Advance Authorization, EPCG & MEIS – Application related to DGFT

    Imports under restricted category

  • Connector.

    Trade Finance

    Letter of Credit

    Advance payment

    DA/DP payment

    Open account payment

    A1 & A2 remittances

    Imports bill retirements

    Bank Guarantee

  • Connector.

    Vendor Documents

    Vendor Document Set

    Clearing Instruction

    Bill of Entry


    License utilization

    Bond Management

  • Connector.

    MIS Reports

Functional Scope


  • Statutory Document Set Generation for Origin and Destination Country Customs Clearance
  • Trade Finance (Letter of Credit, DA, DP, Advance Payment)
  • Duty Drawback- All Industry Rate
  • CHA Charges Tracking


  • Benefit Schemes (Advance Authorization, EPCG & MEIS) Governed Under India’s Foreign Trade Policy
  • Trade Finance (Letter of Credit, DA/DP, Advance Payment, Bank Guarantee)
  • Vendor Document Set capture & Clearing Instruction
  • Bill of Entry Capture
  • Bond

Value Added Services

  • IceGate filing
  • SAP Enterprise Portal and SAPUI5 / Fiori Applications (Access Over Mobile, Web browser)
  • Document Upload in DMS
  • Analytics & Dashboard for Export Sales

Export Cycle

Exports Document Set

  • Splitting and Clubbing of SAP Sales Documents
  • Logical Grouping of Capturing Data to Feed Step wise Information
  • Tracking Export Obligation (EPCG & Advance Authorization
  • Generation of Bank Documents – Letter to Bank, Bill of Exchange
  • Generation of Various Pre-shipment and Post Shipment Documents
  • Upload Scanned Documents
  • Document Customization for Inter company / SEZ/EOU
  • Modification of SAP Data in OptiExim for Export Documentation
  • Additional Text Entry
  • In-completion Log
  • Print Action Log
  • Customization of Number of Print
  • Create Documents With Reference to Another Document
  • Export Realization updation through e-BRC details
  • e-FIRC tracking for Advance Payment
  • Mail Alerts
  • MIS Reports
    • Exports Register
    • Shipping Bill Tracking Report
    • Accounts Receivable Report
    • Exports Bill Pending for Negotiation
    • MEIS Entitlement Reports

Pre-Shipment Documents

  • Order Confirmation
  • Customs Invoice
  • Shipping instruction
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bombay Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Origin for Thailand
  • IMC Certificate of Origin
  • GSP Certificate of Origin
  • ICC Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Origin -ISFTA

Post-Shipment Documents

  • Commercial Invoice & Packing List
  • Advance Cargo Declaration
  • Export Value Declaration
  • Sworn Declaration
  • Form 3, Form 7, Form 9
  • DEEC Print
  • Duty Drawback Declaration-AIR
  • Shipping Advice
  • Form A2
  • Bill of Exchange I & II
  • Draft Bill of Lading
  • Letter to Bank

Exports Trade Finance

  • Tracking of Export Letter of Credit / DA/ DP
  • Checklist to Compare the Terms and Conditions of Export Letter of Credit with Sales Order
  • Assignment of Sales Order / Contract
  • LC Approval Process
  • Data Flow from LC Created in SAP
  • Mail Alert – LC is Fully Utilized / Expiry Date
  • Discrepancy Tracking Report
  • Provision to Capture FIRC Details for Advance Payment Received
  • Assign Multiple Billing Documents to an FIRC
  • Provision to Generate FIRC Request Letter to Bank

Duty Drawback (All Industry Rate)

  • Maintain DBK Rate & DBK Serial Number against SAP
    Material Code or MSN code
  • Upload Data to the DBK Master
  • MIS Report Drawback Entitled Amount
  • Actual Receipt of Amount Against each Shipping Bill.
  • Upload of DBK realization, from the data downloaded from ICE Gate Portal

Container Tracking / Factory Stuffing

  • Indent Creation
  • Container Arrival Tracking
  • Stuffing & Sealing
  • Attaching Container to Delivery

Import Cycle

Benefit Schemes

  • Advance Authorization, EPCG , MEIS
  • ARO, Invalidation, Enhancement  & Re-validation
  • Utilization / Fulfillment / Cut over of Open Authorizations
  • Attach Scanned Copy of Documents
  • EPCG Installation Certificate tracking
  • Locking to Control Export Obligation
  • Mail alerts – Imports and Export validity against Authorization
  • Reports – Advance Authorization, EPCG, MEIS
  • SION based Consumption Register for Advance Authorization
  • Tracking of Purchase and Sale of MEIS

Imports Trade Finance

  • Maintain Bank Limit & Charges
  • LC / DA/ DP Application, Document, Amendment
  • Acceptance and Retirement
  • LC Approval process
  • Mail alert  – Approval Process and LC Expiry Date
  • Track LC Outstanding & Utilization
  • Tracking LC Based on the Purchase Order
  • Maintain Bank Charges
  • Vendor Wise Advance Payment MIS Report
  • Bank Guarantee Receipt & Issue
  • BG Print Document, Covering Letter, Vacation Letter & Validity Extension Letter
  • BG Amendment
  • BG Mail Alert for Expiry Date
  • Bank Guarantee Tracking MIS report

Vendor Document Set Capture, Bill of Entry & Bond

  • Capture Import Related Information Referenced to SAP Purchase Order and Vendor Invoice Items
  • Carrier Information, Bill of Lading or Airway Bill (AWB)
  • Geographical Information
  • Book LC and Benefit Schemes  in Document Set
  • High Sea Sales
  • Track Various Types of Bill of Entry
  • Noting and Appraising Process Tracking in Bill of Entry
  • Duty Calculation with Benefit Schemes
  • Capture CHA charges
  • Tracking Various Types of Bonds
  • Stock Status in Bonded Warehouse
  • Maintenance of Customs Tariff & Notification Master for import Duty Calculation against HSN/SAP Material Code
  • Scheme Wise Duty Code Set off Configuration

OptiEXIM : Complete Product Walkthrough

You can also watch specific modules of
OptiExim by following time lines

  • Introduction to OptiExim – 00 : 05 : 07
  • Exports Documentation – 00 : 44 : 51
  • Exports ( Trade finance ) – 1 : 04 : 00
  • Duty Drawback – 1 : 13 : 15
  • Container Tracking ( Factory stuffing ) –
    1 : 17 : 50
  • Imports Incentive schemes – 1 : 21 : 00
  • Imports Module – 1 : 21 : 18
  • Imports Trade finance – 1 : 45 : 00
  • Imports Documentation – 1 : 55 : 00