Photo Contest as part of Children's Day Nov 2023

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Delving into the Delightful Moments! As part of our Children’s Day celebration in November 2023, we hosted an engaging Photo Contest, inviting everyone to reminisce about the adorable childhood moments of our little IVLions. Your enthusiasm and heartfelt participation flooded our inbox with joy!

We witnessed an incredible display of swift wit and keen observation as contestants vied to guess the little IVLions from their precious childhood photos. The response was nothing short of fantastic!

But here’s the thrilling twist—our contest also featured a challenge for fast-fingers! We celebrated those who not only nailed all the correct answers but did so within the shortest time span. And emerging victorious with a remarkable display of both accuracy and speed is none other than Anjusha K B!
A huge thank you to everyone who made this contest a resounding success. Your love for reliving cherished childhood memories made this celebration truly special.