Children's Day at IVL 2023 – 'Long live the child in you'

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It was a day of giggles and twinkles at Innoval as the registration started by welcoming over 34 lil’ guests, with refreshments and glittering #tatoos of #fairies, #animes on tiny hands. The #photobooth was all buzzing with flashes of solo and family clicks with their #IVLion_parents. Glad that all age groups had their happy corners with stalls for #Paper_Craft and #Food_Counter where they prepared their favourite fruit and Veggie sandwiches which they relished. The dancing toes enjoyed new learnings for their dazzling #Dance_reels. Little brains enjoyed some #puzzles and #Fun_with_Math. Hurray moments for the tiny ones who enjoyed the tasks as part of #Passing_the_parcel and #Bowling off the colourful pins! Building the pyramids with paper glass was indeed a tough task but this got funny when the neighbouring tiny tots crashed it back! The younger ones enjoyed the goodies they won with the #Hoopla games. The teens with their tiny teams had a superb icebreaking with the #Treasure_Hunt by cracking clues and puzzles, creeping into meeting rooms and flipping off the blinds & curtains around, to win their treasure which they happily shared with all!
Concluded with Bookmarks, goodies, snacks and colourful cultural events with melodies, rhymes, dance numbers and the keyboard. The late evening winded up with all the kids dancing to music with parents and bidding goodbye waiting to party again on the next Children’s Day @ IVL!
Then it was the IVLions time for some good laughter and fun as they guessed their colleagues from the childhood photos in the online #Photo_contest. Thanks to the contestants who merrily participated by sharing their little cute childhood clicks by pinging their parents, bugging their siblings, and hunting through old albums. A word of thanks to all the IVLion parents who managed to bring in their children amidst their work schedules and to all the kidos who happily participated in the event after a long day at school!
A #shoutout to all those who volunteered and gave the lil’ ones happy moments to take back home! Special mention to the IVL leadership team for welcoming this event with all cheers.