Industrial Visit at IVL – Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology.

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Date : 10th Mar 2023

This was a proud moment for both the students of Lourdes and us at Innoval. Welcomed the young minds who are all set to step into their dream jobs as they complete their Masters in Computer Application. With an introduction to ERP and SAP that can accommodate personality profiles of all kinds from being a hardcore programmer to some one with a big mouth for consultant roles. We discussed about career building and IT opportunities in SAP, the importance of team bonding, and soft skills in all those great professional roles awaiting them. We also welcomed them to visit our work location with various teams collaborating towards the organization goals. Hope they relished the exotic view of Technopark from our office premises. IVLions who are alumni’s of Lourdes had a good interaction with various trending technologies within SAP with BTP & Rise with SAP being the talk of the moment!

As a token of all good wishes, IVL shared Bookmarks that will keep them reminding of the learnings they had with us!

Wishing each of them a great future from all at Innoval, as they step into new roles in life!