Two applications – One API

In Blog, Cloud Technology by Jiju Thomas Mathew


Earlier this month while developing a mobile application to compliment a Crowd Management system for a State Department which Innoval is managing for the past 5 years, we had to face a challenge. There was content which should be managed from a CMS portal which was running on one sub domain, whereas an application running on another portal needed to be extended to fit in as some services.

Though we were running on AWS, and the mobile app had to be certified from Apple, it was a state of confusion as to getting the IPv6 support for the backend. At the time of starting the development, the IPv6 support for EC2 instances were not available.

After some internal brain storming, we decided to use the Amazon API Gateway, which gave us lot more than we asked for. The standard protection for DOS and extended low latency of the CloudFront were some of them. We can run the application distributed on two domains with a single url provided by the API Gateway, which uses secure transport, and a single KEY management system. This could help us in the near future while we expand the system across an API first architecture backed with microservices.