Enabling Customers to Operate Profitably, Adapt Continuously and Grow Sustainably with Localized SAP Solutions

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Many leading enterprises in India use SAP ERP solutions that are not completely localized, especially in terms of statutory compliances, taxation, and end-to-end integration for country-specific processes. Innoval Digital Solutions (IVL) combats this challenge and supports organizations from the compliance intricacies through its localized add-ons products for SAP. Innoval enhances organizations and their people to collaborate more effectively and to make better use of business intelligence in order to keep ahead of the competition. It also enables customers to function profitably, adapts constantly, and expand sustainably through its applications and services around SAP that boast a plinth of 25 years strong SAP partnership. Sunil Gupta, Founder and Managing Director, Innoval Digital Solutions, acquaints CIO Insider with interesting aspects and facts about the company. In conversation with Sunil Gupta, Founder & Managing Director, Innoval Digital Solutions

Where is Innoval currently positioned in the SAP ecosystem and what are the unique propositions offered to the clients??

Over the past few years, the government of India has introduced radical & rapid changes across the financial and taxation policies including GST (Goods & Service Tax), E-invoicing, and Eway Bill among others. For the organizations that already use SAP ERP solutions for standard business processes, these changes proved to be crucial for being compliant. We saw these changes as a ‘must have’ requirement opportunity and we built products and solutions to overcome them through our localized & certified SAP Add-on products.

We are also one of the pioneers of providing the cloud-based SAP solutions using ABAP, which allows customers to accelerate their journey to the cloud. Secondly, we offer a variety of application management services to SAP-installed base customers all over the world. SAP consultants, who are both knowledgeable and well-trained, are in short supply, therefore, through our offshore model, we provide need-based optimized and cost-effective consulting services. It serves as supplements to the customer’s in-house IT teams’ needs and reduce costs that are associated with managing their system landscapes. This also allows businesses to focus on their core competencies rather than managing IT infrastructure and system landscapes.

How do you understand a customer’s pain points and how do you integrate technologies to provide solutions than just delivering products and services? What is your SOP in order to ensure this?

Understanding the customer’s pain points with their current setup and how we can add value through innovative solutions or products is important to us. For documenting the customer problem areas, we have developed a range of processes, questionnaires using best business practices and models.

Our team of functional and professional experts present a proof of concept through seminars, demos and presentations to the customers based on the requirements documentation. We provide solutions that meet and exceed consumer expectations based on resolving current business issues and get the validations from the end users for proper fitment. These are also seamlessly integrated with the core business processes.

Give a brief about your portfolio of solutions and your flagship product.

We’ve worked on over 4600+ SAP projects over the past 25 years and have accumulated vast experience of delivering programs, solutions, and assistance to SAP customers & major companies across a wide range of industries. Innoval has aided over 400 plus companies in India by providing the solutions. This includes Opti-Suite a product with different modules catering to tax-technology based and foreign trade-related solutions. For example, OptiGST for indirect tax, OptiE-invoice for E-Invoicing, OptiEway Bill for e-way bill, OptiEXIM for an export-import solution, and Opti-Sign for primary digital signature. However, our flagship product is OptiSuite 10, an integrated suite encompassing all the modules.

Opti-EXIM is specifically used to manage import and export procedures and associated documentation, in which both large and small businesses must comply with a variety of regulatory compliance, country requirements, and processes that must be incorporated into their daily operations. In terms of OptiE-invoicing, we seamlessly integrate real-time data from ERP’s standard billing process and generate a government compliant E-Invoice, which we then send to the government portal and return to the customer’s system, allowing them to conduct business above board. This product is available for both on-premise and cloud-based systems.

Could you acquaint us with a challenging and interesting case study?

A large global Fortune chemical company was looking to digitally transform their supply chain and was using a local PC-based system that couldn’t scale or meet all of the company’s requirements. We built an SAP cloud-based digital supply chain for them, as they did not want to interrupt their global infrastructure for deploying the solution. Their global team, which hails from a variety of countries, as well as ecosystem participants such as agents, vendors, and suppliers, are now able to collaborate seamlessly. The best part was that thanks to cloud technology, they were able to continue doing business as usual during the lockdown.

SAP consultants, who are both knowledgeable and well-trained, are in short supply, therefore, through our offshore model, we provide need-based optimized and cost-effective consulting services

What is the kind of future that Innoval is looking forward to?

Moving forward, we intend to help companies move their assets to the cloud-based on a SaaS-based subscription model, allowing them to accelerate innovation and digital transformation for exponential growth. Since COVID-19, we have witnessed an increase in clients seeking digital transformation and cloud solutions. As a result, we have developed our plans and roadmaps based on these requirements to assist large organizations to transform digitally. These goals will be realized through our current pipeline & predictability pattern, as well as the increased demand for our goods and services through various digital marketing channels. With the globalization of our existing products, we will cater to the requirements of other countries, we are scaling up our manpower capabilities & competencies in cloud technology, AI/ML and blockchain areas. We will continue geographical expansion to other countries apart from India for further growth.