AWS Meetup – Serverless Computing

In Blog, Cloud Technology by Jiju Thomas Mathew


Was at the AWS Meetup at Bangalore for delivering use cases. The event was quite AWSome.. Like always anything connected with AWS.. the hall was jam packed.. Had guys from even outside the state.. phew I was invited to give a talk. But these others came hoping to share and learn.

Being formal, I would thank Habeeb and Jeevan for the opportunity given to me to make a wide audience aware about Innoval and the AWS initiative of Innoval . My excitement doubled when I heard about the other use cases where “Cloud Bursting”, “Time Data Analysis” and “Big Data as Service” was discussed. These ideas ring more bells that we should concentrate more. Well Saturn was one step ahead with two information, which most, even AWS team did not know, was Lambda now supports C#. Another was Athena! Since we had already used the same for access log analysis we could extend the same for further things.

The hosts “Blue Jeans Networking” deserves an appreciation for the part they have taken forward in supporting the event. Especially Roy and Tanmay who explained their solution and offered the 14 day trial for video conferencing and home computing.

Hope to see more of this, or even host one of ours in #Technopark inviting some of these guys to speak about things.


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