SAP Services


Custom development

Every business is unique and business processes are not standard across-the-board. These unique business processes are not always available in the standard SAP system. As a result to get the best out of your SAP systems you need to make certain modifications to the plain vanilla SAP system. What you need is a custom developed SAP solution, to fulfil your specific business requirements. IVL’s custom development services provide you complete development services using SAP standard tools and guidelines that also protect your investment for further upgrades and optimum performance. All this at very affordable cost, by leveraging our offshore Global delivery model and proven experience in SAP related engagements.

We offer a comprehensive range of flexible development and project management services to deliver custom solutions that meet your business goals. For example, we offer services to help you:
• Extend or enhance existing SAP solutions
• Build completely new and innovative business solutions
• Migrate legacy solutions onto the SAP NetWeaver®//Cloud technology platform
• Support custom solutions developed by SAP
• Leverage SAP Cloud platform architecture today
To ease your development efforts, we also offer adaptable custom solutions, frameworks and libraries of various developed objects that can be used as a starting point for building your unique solutions

Our development architects, project managers, and developers will help you create and support high-quality, individualized solutions and ultimately evolve your IT infrastructure into your custom business process platform


Be Innovative
Our services address your unique and changing business requirements.
Maintain Agility
We facilitate your ability to quickly and safely adapt to changing business needs.
Leverage Your Investment
We help you leverage your existing investment in software, hardware, and people.
Gain Flexibility While Reducing Costs
Our offerings ensure service flexibility and reduced delivery costs through optimal access to global resources.
Access to Knowledge
You gain access to a vast experience of talented developer pool of consultants.


We assemble a team of specialists with skill sets that match your needs. Then we draw upon proven SAP development methodologies and our extensive knowledge of the SAP products family of business applications to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of your custom-developed solutions.
Risk Mitigation
We ensure that your custom-developed solution is synchronized with the SAP product road map and release strategy, mitigating the risk of business
We follow SAP development methodology and standards to ensure high quality and protect upgradability.
Support options are available to help protect your investment throughout the life of your custom solution.

IVL’s Custom Development Offerings

IVL’s Custom Development services provide you with the right solutions and resources to do just that. We provide comprehensive add-on solutions, integration with your existing system, day-to-day help-desk support for defect resolution, solution testing of support-package applications, upgrades and continuous solution improvements – to help your company keep pace with changing business processes.

We have a large pool of resources, capable of architecting & managing custom solutions. Our services allow you to concentrate on your core business process, so you can stay ahead of competition.
• Custom Development: Emerging technology trends and changing customer demands are pushing clients to move to more open, modular enterprise service architectures like the SAP NetWeaver architecture. IVL has expertise in the latest SAP technology that leverages the NetWeaver platform and the integration technologies of Enterprise Portal (EP), Process Integration (PI) and Business Warehouse (BW/BI).
• Bolt-On Development:Changing market dynamics are putting pressure on independent software vendors (ISV),
forcing CTOs to address a multitude of challenges such as, the need to address larger markets through internationalisation and multiplatform support. IVL has a comprehensive offering of packaged solutions or add-on products for SAP addressing specific domain, functionality and localization / internationalisation issues.
• ABAP Development Factory: As live operations progress in a SAP environment, the amount of transaction data and master data expands rapidly, often leading to poor application performance and increased demand on resources. IVL provides ABAP optimization techniques, most of which are derivations of SAP’s optimization rules, complemented by our experience in handling performance issues.
• Integration: IVL has competencies in integrating SAP with SAP, as well as other applications. We also design Web interfaces for legacy applications.
• Help Desk Support: IVL’s custom development Help-desk service provides you with the help you need to run your custom developed solutions smoothly. The Help-desk is managed by competent SAP consultants- delivering support as per Service-level Agreements. IVL can assist in support and maintenance of core/legacy products or solutions. In this model, we focus on service lines such as: Legacy product maintenance (level 2 and 3 support in particular), Development of patches and upgrades for core products, migration of support of multi-platform versions.

Enterprise Mobility Apps

IVL can build enterprise mobility solutions with standalone database or connected with enterprise architecture and systems. IVL’s understanding about enterprise user demands facilitate appropriate solution design and implementation across various OS & platforms.

Mobility solutions assumes importance in corporates and institutions as it can replace the much-needed environmental requirements to access data and to respond to tasks via standard systems and processes.

Enterprise mobility is shifting the work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. Enterprise mobility can improve employee productivity and response time.

IVL believes that, for certain layer of decision makers the effective utilization of mobility for many mundane, repetitive tasks which does not need physical presence or comfort of a desktop. Few clicks and touch will make the processes productive and responsive.

To achieve this in a non-intuitive fashion, it needs an understanding about the impact and effectiveness of the mobility platforms, need to design a solution that work seamlessly in multiple devices, platforms and environments. This require solutions and strategies that can be scalable and adaptive to the future requirements.

IVL is bestowed with talents and skill sets to build solutions on unified platforms, specific technologies and to ensure that security threats are mitigated.


SAP HANA Cloud Migration

Application Development, Management and Integration

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is the only reliable solution which delivers comprehensive cloud infrastructure and managed services for in-memory applications, database, and platform. We at IVL recognize that businesses needs always opt for the best solutions; no matter how and where they’re deployed. IVL SAP experts team work on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to provide a backup with a hybrid cloud environment and connect you to the latest innovations. Our SAP experts are here to manage cloud infrastructure and IT operations. IVL helps customers focus more on strategic initiatives by supporting their current landscape and applications.

IVL provides enterprise application design, development and integration services across multiplatform environments that will improve time to market, leverage best practices, usage of proven technology, superior quality and realize cost advantage. This is followed by continuous support that is governed by SLAs. When IVL assumes the responsibility of business continuity as usual, it frees up time and resources for more innovations by customers

SAP Consulting

Implementation & Support

Our consultants leverage a broad range of advanced knowledge in developing and implementing both IT infrastructures and SAP solutions.
IVL consulting services have enabled our customers to develop quick, agile, and innovative processes that helped them lower costs, reduce risk, achieve objectives, expand operations, and evolve with ever-changing business requirements, industry trends, and market demand. IVL has made SAP consulting effective with exposure to the India-specific Business scenarios of Enterprise customers.

IVL develops and deploys disruptive solutions which help our clients compete more effectively and capture business value faster. Our SAP Consulting supports transformational business goals for customers. We get information regarding the project life cycle and suggests technology and process strategies to be implemented in the system that would provide the best business benefits.

A well-planned, efficiently executed & effectively controlled business transformation solution can help improve your business performance, reduce operational costs and increase top-line growth. However, a poorly executed strategy will lead to an increase in re-working costs and can lead to underperforming assets for an enterprise.


Application Management services

IVLs Application Management Services provide value adds by controlling, optimizing & transforming the application portfolio thru Service Level agreement improvement. IVL provides Business, Technical and Project Support under the Application Management Services umbrella

Optimum value Model
We align optimal sized team, optimal metrics and optimal execution models to deliver value through Innovation to specific business challenges.
Business Agility
Our agile operating model quickly adapts to changing needs of the customers, which in turn provides confidence to the business to scale up without being concerned about adequate back end support.
IVLs knowledge management suite backed by proprietary tools and accelerators helps deliver fast and innovative solutions.

Lower Total Cost of Engagement

Through our unique delivery model, service levels and IP based solutions, clients can optimize efficiencies and reduce costs by X %.
The integration services include application to application integration services by using SAP NetWeaver® components such as SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Exchange Infrastructure and SAP Composite Application Framework.

Tried and Tested Methodologies
For many decades we’ve helped clients in almost all industry verticals reduce operational expenditure, point out opportunities for optimization and recommended areas of improvement resulting in continuous service improvement.

SAP Basis and upgrade services

BASIS Portfolio

  • H/W Sizing and Designing
  • ERP Systems & N/W components Installations
  • Authorization Design
  • Cut-over & Go-live check
  • SAP Post Go-live support

BASIS Support

  • Daily Monitoring & Reporting
  • DB Backup & Restore
  • SAP System Administration activities
  • Workload Analysis & Performance Tuning
  • Periodic Maintenance & Updates
  • Documentation

Upgrade / Migration

  • H/W sizing & compatibility check
  • DB upgrade
  • Enhancement pack upgrade
  • SPDD / SPAU adjustments
  • HANA migration
  • SAP migration on Cloud


  • User & authentication control
  • User & profiles administration
  • Central User administration


  • FA
  • ARA
  • AHM
  • BRM

Extended Support

  • Landscape Design
  • Support Pack Admin
  • System Refresh
  • JAVA Admin
  • Support to DR Setup
  • Data archiving
  • Solution Manager engagements

Packaged Services and Solutions

  • ASAP
  • Opti Migrate
  • Opti BwUp
  • Whizible
  • Solution Manager
  • SAP Business Suite Upgrades
  • SAP Production Support
  • SAP HANA Migration
  • SAP Migration on Cloud
  • Application Integration
  • AMS Support
  • Security & GRC

New Product development


IVL’s New Product Development is actually the process of managing all the activities and resources to bring a new product to market that meets customer needs and supports the business goals. We provide reliable solutions to the market demand. The first step in this process involves determining the need for new products. Our experts team do this by tracking opportunities and prioritizing concepts. Then we focus on prioritizing investments and balancing the resources accordingly.

As far as our SAP team is concerned, the next step is to create a project plan by scheduling tasks, allocating resources and defining quality deliverables. Then comes designing the product which meets customer needs and business goals. Then we establish sourcing, production and go for product launch.
Then we manage the project by stage reviews and schedule and budget monitoring.

Product implementation and Support

We at IVL focus on developing an advantage competency on others by determining the reliable and appropriate implementation strategies to maximize outputs using the trending techniques in the industry. With a team of SAP experts, customer support team, SAP project and core industry process experts, we can achieve a disciplined and successful implementation.

IVL has vast experience & expertise in implementing SAP products for our various clients across the globe. Over a period of years, IVL has come out with templates in SAP which expedites the implementation cycle, thereby helping the clients in reducing their TCO. IVL has done multiple BIBO implementations in India & abroad and has now specialized templates for various industries.


Digital transformation services


Big Data Analytics
To compete during this time of economic uncertainty, organizations worldwide are investing in IT solutions that can help mitigate risk and facilitate quick and accurate data-based decision making.
The Potential Benefits include getting more out of Business Intelligence Software, improved enterprise information and Performance management, driving risk management, gaining performance insight and optimizations.

Business Analytics Services

  • Business Intelligence consulting services
  • Information management
  • Performance management
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Predictive Analytics

Business Intelligence consulting services
Get the expert support that can help you identify key performance drivers. Our consultants can develop and implement a new IT infrastructure and visualization strategy that can support your efforts to distribute reliable information across your enterprise.

  • Apply a comprehensive approach for practicing business intelligence
  • Streamline your software implementations
  • Improve user adoption
  • Minimize your costs

Enterprise Information Management Services
EIM is a foundation for any holistic and sustainable data quality initiative. These services are designed using master data management (MDM), with embedded data quality and centralized governance, to help you achieve operational excellence. Support your evolving business conditions (such as mergers and acquisitions) by consolidating, harmonizing, and migrating data to reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Comply with legal and regulatory mandates
  • Define data processes and implement best practices
  • Achieve high standards of data quality, data governance and data retention
  • Establish a ‘single version of the truth’ for master and transactional data

Enterprise Performance Management Services

Fully integrate an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution into all levels of your business to quickly realize cost savings, compliance, and strategic advantages.
Our experts can help you:

  • Plan, build, and run your first comprehensive solution
  • Migrate your existing architecture
  • Assess your solution’s capability to align your operations with your objectives



Cloud Services

IVL has achieved deeper skill sets in Cloud Management handling larger projects with high traffic and huge transactions.

Cloud technology and solutions are transformed as future platform for online solutions. IVL has gained thorough knowledge and expertise in cloud management. IVL’s cloud offerings include following services

• Application Migration
• Platform Management
• Technology Adaptation
• Cost Optimisation
• Cloud Strategy Consulting

Application Migration:
Existing Applications, Portals or Websites can be migrated to cloud platform to achieve elastic scalability, high availability and to reduce latency along with cost saving.
Platform Management:
Mix and match platform services to increase user experience and to reduce application response time.
Technology Adaptation: Integration of caching, combination of multiple caching layers. Environment selection strategies to have right balance when considering the managed platform services.
Cost Optimisation:
Balanced use of ‘On-demand’, ‘Reserved’ or ‘Spot’ instances. Spreading distributable tasks over different zones, utilising de-coupled components, wiser choice of Direct Vs Cloud Front Delivery depending on cache ability of content.
Cloud Strategy Consulting:
Strategic and technology plans to develop, maintain or migrate high traffic, high availability web projects.

SAAS application development

The SaaS deployment model makes the application available to customers on demand over the internet. The applications are remotely hosted by the provider.

Our team of technology experts
provide SaaS deployments that can be completely handled, without dealing with staffing or performance issues. We at IVL recognize the increasing demand from the customer side, for data integration in the SaaS platform with their back-end systems and databases. The optimal solution for this scenario is that the data integration with SaaS platform can be easily carried out.

With IVL’s SaaS development service you can avail a better resource management for efficiently managed service levels and easily designed applications. SaaS application development process implemented in IVL includes design, development, unit testing, debugging, and integration. SaaS testing is entirely different from the other applications testing. We at IVL endure security, performance, scalability, and capacity. Our quality provider manages the SaaS lifecycle at every stage and handles SaaS release management effectively.


Robotic Process Automation

With IVL’s RPA you can have all your enterprise’s data-hefty, day-to-day monotonous tasks handled by Intuitive Robotic Digital Resources. Our RPA services have applications in telecom, healthcare, BFSI, manufacturing, transportation, HR and Finance industries.

We have designed the platform so as to suite the Modern Enterprise culture. The IVL expert team develops software robots for end-to-end process automation. We develop cognitive robots that learn with their work, and analytics will bring a better work transformation.

The key services of our RPA technology services are automation, Intuitive learning and implementation and dynamic operational intelligence with enterprise-based business insights.

Features of IVL’s RPA

  • It is so simple than every person in an organisation can use it for any process/business. It saves time and budget.
  • It is highly flexible to be implemented anywhere in the business since it matches with any public/private/hybrid
    cloud environments
  • It is highly secure as it and supports 3rd-party credential storages with FIPS-compliant crypto/enterprise key management
  • We have set up a centralized control room to manage all the RPA functions.
  • Automated audit logs with reports handling for governance

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing which is not the traditional marketing now. Here at IVL we have an expert team of marketing researchers and specialists to analyse and understand, who have immense
knowledge on all the trending marketing techniques and procedures. With this pool of inbuilt talent team we have all the resources to support you in your organization’s growth.

We at IVL, focus on

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Online/Website

Digital marketing benefits any kind of business; it gives access to the mass market at an affordable price. The fact that the targeted audience will be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way is the main advantage of digital marketing.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most trending technologies in the modern business scenario. Our technology experts empower computers in replicating human intelligence in a reliable way.

IVL’s AI based systems provide a new pathway for businesses to automate their business processes and organizational operations to drive effectively towards growth. We, at IVL, believe in delivering the best-in-class performance to our clients by developing applications which specifically cater to their requirements and maximize their ROI by automating their business operations.

IVL’s technical experts have an enriched knowledge of a range of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and many more. We design customer friendly solutions that facilitates seamless integration with the client’s business process model and encourage the business growth. We also ensure that the technology

Machine Learning

Machine learning makes systems work without being explicitly programmed. Some of the areas where machine learning has applications are self-driving cars, speech recognition, effective web search and understanding of the human gene factor.

We at IVL work with machine learning strategies to explore the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from the information provided and make predictions on the same data

Researchers predict that machine learning is the leading entry into human-level Artificial Intelligence.



The blockchain being a chain of blocks where each block contains valuable data without any central supervisory is cryptographically secure. The team of experts at IVL supports blockchain development by allowing the digital information to be distributed without copying and this develops a backbone to a new internet world.

We at IVL store blocks of information across our network thereby making the blockchain uncontrolled by a single entity and it will never have a single point of failure.

The IVL team of experts develops a decentralised environment with the help of implementing a consensus agreement on validating all the processes. With IVL’s blockchain service the transaction times can be reduced considerably and thereby save costs. By developing such a system of transparency, we provide a consistent and accurate service to the customers. We provide a highly secure and highly available system which can be updated and replicated across all the peers.